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SLICKON Bolt Dip and Brush

SLICKON® GTS GOLD™ is engineered and tested on an annual basis to be fully compatible with BlazeMaster®, FlowGuard Gold®, and Corzan® pipe and fittings. May also be used on many types of pipe including steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, CPVC, PVC, ABS, polyethylene, and polypropylene — carrying water, potable water, steam, LP gas, natural gas, ethanol, dilute acids and caustics, diesel fuel, and gasoline, and more.

Certified for potable water use per ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

BlazeMaster®, FlowGuard Gold®, and Corzan® are registered trademarks of Lubrizol.
SLICKON® is a registered trademark of Anti-Seize Technology.

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Extra Skin™ — Protective Emollient

Extra Skin™ with aloe vera is a fast-drying protective hand coating which lasts up to 4 hours. Shields against dirt, grease, paint, grime, glue, epoxy, oil... Extra Skin™ washes off with soap and water, taking dirt, grease, and paint with it. Available in 8oz tube, 16oz bottle, and 1 gallon pump.

Can be used instead of gloves, or beneath gloves for users with sensitivity to certain glove types. Hypo-allergenic and contains no silicone or latex. Prevents dry cracked skin. Extra Skin™ DOES NOT offer added protection against viruses or bacteria — users in infectious environments should practice frequent hand washing, using sanitizer, and reapply as needed.

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SLICKON Bolt Dip and Brush

Our SLICKON® BOLT DIP & BRUSH™ takes the mess out of applying Anti-Seize compound to a fastener. It is faster and cleaner than any previous method you have ever used in the past.

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copper plate

Franklin Park, Illinois-Anti-Seize Technology (AST), producer of the most diverse line of anti-seize compounds in the U.S., offers three products with special applicators designed to make specific jobs easier. AST's Aluminum Plate, Copper Plate, and Nickel Plate are available in a special 6 oz. pressurized can with two unique applicators. Use these applicators interchangeably depending on the compound and use.

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Anti-Seize Technology Slickon GTS Gold

Franklin Park, Illinois—FGG/BM®/CZ™ System Compatible Program approves Anti-Seize Technology's (AST) Slickon® GTS Gold as chemically compatible with FlowGuard® Gold and Corzon™ water distribution systems and BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems. For the last 40 years, billions of feet of FlowGuard® Gold, Corzon™, and BlazeMaster® pipe have been installed in millions of hotels, office buildings, apartments, condominiums, and homes all over the world without incident. Now these pipe and sprinkler systems can be installed using Slickon® GTS Gold.

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High Grade Thread Sealants

Franklin Park, Illinois—Anti-Seize Technology (AST) is a regular player in the industrial chemical industry and has been since their inception in 1971. Along with many other products, AST carries the broadest lines of Thread Sealants including brush-on, PTFE Tapes, and anaerobic threadlockers and sealants. With this complete line, AST makes it easy for companies to attain high-quality Thread Sealants from one source for any tough job.

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Marine grade

A superior Anti-Seize & Anti-Corrosion compound specifically engineered for the assembly applications that require extraordinary performance in the harsh Marine environments. This formula contains proprietary semi-synthetic hybrid grease incorporating advanced rust and corrosion inhibitors which function in wet, high humidity exposure over long periods of time.

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